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A very powerful
chore organizer.
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kids are players,
parents are referees
and chores unlock
powers and rewards.

All kids are characters

To add some fun to the whole chore-doing experience, players get to pick one of these guys to represent them within the app. As players do chores their characters grow by leveling-up with new powers and gadgets. Each character has his own mission.
These guys come to life with sound and motion showing off each new level-up. Industrious players are quickly rewarded with the unveiling of their characters' next stage. Doing chores quickly turns into a race to discover the characters' level-ups.

Home screen

Every week is a
race to the top

For kids, You Rule is a weekly race to the top of the pack. The towers are like chore progress bars.

When a player knocks out all of their weekly chores, they hit the finish line. Every week the race starts over giving everyone a chance to Rule.

Group progress at a glance

For parents, the You Rule home page offers an instant view of how all of the players are progressing.

You can see how many chores they have left for the day.

The progress towers show how busy the players have been.
Each player has their own chore list to work on.
Doing chores earns coins.
Use chore coins to get stuff on the wishlist like
allowance, privileges of whatever you decide.

Parents get their own
space to manage everything

You Rule

A game of chores

For parents who need more organization and 5-11 year olds who want more power. Optimized for iTouch and iPhone 4 and 3gs. Tested on the ios 4.0 and higher. Get it in the App Store


A small price to pay

That’s about the cost of a good sandwich. It’s cheaper than a magazine or a fancy coffee. It’ll last longer than a bag of chips and it will create much more productivity than a $12 movie. Buy Now Contact us for support